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'Postcards from...'

@Art au Centre 

October - December 2021

Rue Féronstrée, 159 - Liège (BE)


The sum of months

still bounces upon

the head of our white city


When it’ll all cease to be so heavy

spring will burst like cotton 




L’accumulation des mois

rebondit toujours 

sur la tête de notre ville blanche


Quand la lourdeur disparaîtra

le printemps explosera comme du coton




Το σύνολο των μηνών

ακόμα αναπηδά πάνω

στο κεφάλι της λευκής μας πόλης


Όταν πάψουν όλα να είναι τόσο βαριά

η άνοιξη θα σκάσει σαν βαμβάκι

I like nights. And mornings. 

Those that rise up like cotton, light on my eyelids.

Like that, I drilled in the wall of our silence…

Through clouds of silk:

peaks, misty and like us, entwined.




J’aime la nuit. Et les matins. 

Ceux qui se soulèvent comme du coton, 

légers sur mes paupières embuées.

Et comme ça je fis un trou dans le mur de notre silence…

A travers nuages de soie : 

des pics, brumeux, et comme nous enlacés.




Μου αρέσουν οι νύχτες. Και τα πρωινά.

Αυτά που φουσκώνουν σαν βαμβάκι, ελαφριά πάνω στα βλέφαρά μου.

Έτσι, τρύπησα τον τοίχο της σιωπής μας…

Μέσα από σύννεφα μεταξωτά:

κορυφές, ομιχλώδεις, και σαν εμάς, μπλεγμένες.


The artwork starts with three proses, both abstract and melancholic. They relate the quest for gentleness in a quarantine tinged with doubts and uncertainties about the future.

Search for poetry in the domestic sphere, since we can’t go outside, we will hence go for a walk incognito in the blue night.

… a psychological ruin that recaptures us at dawn, each day. Nostalgia of the past and a more emancipated world. The canvas talk about the night, always blue as it makes us dream. Direct reference to Y. Klein’s artwork that talked about the void so well. In this blue, here predominant, the ambivalence between oneirism and anxiety is amplified. Blue like an abyss, also.

Abstract balconies, in weightlessness, showing the distance between the world and us. An observant side, almost voyeur, interpret facing the universe that looks huge to us since it is about existential planetary problems that we have a hard time facing. 

A semi-abstraction that narrates a state of mind between ruin and rationalism. The inclusion of more figurative details like the naïve starry skies and the flying saucers yet illustrates this abstract universe. Reference to comics and video game drawing that emphasizes the search for hobbies as a way out…

Lastly the postcards, endowed with prose messages, sometimes about memories, sometimes about feelings, talk about a will to get in touch with someone else, and reveal the psychological fragility that obsess us currently. Outside the windows, below these elevated skies and balconies, the cards are available to all bystanders. As coming from nowhere or somewhere else: Postcards from....      


Acrylique on canvass 120 x 120 cm

I remember, I swam.

I jumped in the blue and I slept under the big sky…

I wasn’t wrong, you were there already: 

the bouncing of the dock like the bouncing of your walk…



Θυμάμαι, κολύμπησα,

πήδηξα στο μπλε και κοιμήθηκα κάτω από τον μεγάλο ουρανό…

Δεν έκανα λάθος, ήσουν ήδη εκεί:

η αναπήδηση της προβλήτας

σαν την αναπήδηση του βήματος σου 



Je me souviens, je nageais…

Je sautais dans l’eau bleue et dormais sous le ciel immense…

Je ne me suis pas trompée, tu étais là, déjà:

le rebond du quai

tel le rebond de ton pas… 

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