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‘Counting the red stars, and those of plum-colour’ (S.Plath)

Along with the line of interdependency as the main idea of the show, the artist is presenting a Riso print that aims to respond to a watercolour painting of her 7 years old niece.
Within a beautiful abstraction, she painted what she explained to her was a hospital in which she purposely drew an artwork in front of each bed.
The topic of empathy has triggered the artist more than ever during this time of unavoidable reflection upon our relation / connection to others and the shapes it takes.
Showing her niece's painting in this very context felt quite accurate right now.
The title, borrowed from a Sylvia Plath’s poem (The Colossus) refers to the tiny red dots that she depicted as art on the walls of her fictional hospital, and could become for each patient in bed, a window to a starry sky.
Little would we know what could resemble one of those tiny paintings, but interpreting one of them, following her niece's visual language and soft palet was yet another way for Charlotte to connect to someone’ s mind and embrace what resembles a very young and spontaneous empathetic approach to a current messed up situation. 

Watercolour on paper / Riso print 

'Cc' Group Show @Callirrhoë - December 2021 - Curated by Olympia Tzortzi

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