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 “The Occidental world finds mysteries in the darkness, us Greek find them in the light."  Odysseas Elytis

 The city of Athens. Between concrete and marble, dirt and enlightenment, past and present, Capitalism has failed to succeed. Is it possible to deal with darkness in a lighter way?

 Could expressionism be the answer to the (post-)industrialised world’s failure to respond to its discordant relationship to humanity and to the subsequent feelings of lost authenticity and spirituality, the answer to its own dehumanising processes?

 Oscillating between the Orient and the Occident at the southern end of the Balkans, Greece uses the gloom of the times to show its light and the very same light to find darkness. Almost as a gift that comes with the peculiar position of the country as an in-between space.


“The importance of light and beauty is too often put aside and it’s much more challenging to reach it and pass it on to the next ones rather than attaining the devil and darkness.”  Odysseas Elytis

Collages, acrylic, pastel and pencil on paper - 2017                                           Serie of 6 x 40x40 cm                                                

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