Collaboration with Odysseas Simos in the context of the event Time Takes Time organised by A-Dash space and investigating the possibilities of the combination of paper & words.

Our project consists on a collaboration and the interconnectivity that it may bring.

Two different mediums such as writing and painting are overlapping and result as a continuous abstract response to each other. One text has been written after an image, which was itself made after a text, etc...

The longevity of the process plaid an important role since it helped us immersed ourselves in the work of the other.

Therefor the creative ongoing process led to a fluidity. Working with my synesthesia in order to create shapes, colors and compositions according to Odysseas' work. 

The final piece of work resulted as a collection of 10 texts and images under the shape of a book, designed by Typical Organisation (GR) and co-published by Sun.sun Editions (GR & FR).