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'A butterfly, topless on a beach'

   Collaboration with Odysseas Simos


“A Butterfly, Topless on a beach” is above all the story of a great connection between two friends; a writer and a painter who discuss about their bound to the world: abstract, sensorial and quite sensitive to absurdity. In the frame of the event Time Takes Time organised by A-dash (Athens) in September 2019, they decide to start an exchange (cfr the postal cards): Charlotte is then on the small island of Anafi when Odysseas sends her his first text, to which she answers with a collage, associating shapes, colors and texture to her reading of the words. 
To this first collage, Odysseas replies with a text… a couple of months later, their collection sees the day.
The title could directly refer to Klysidi, main beach of Anafi, where the project got birth, but also where the colors of Greece, both antic and contemporary, within its melancholy and its fervor, the intensity of the light, mélange themselves in a timeless way.
We can find in the book references to Greek Modernists, from Elytis to Moralis, but also the darkness of a post-modern era that disturbs a disenchanted youth that will nevertheless not give up on their passions. Within a surrealistic tone, tinted with humor and sweetness, both authors compose a palette, revealing their respective and shared visions.
Typical Organisation takes care of the graphic design of the book to give it a new nature, that of the art object.
The flesh and sand colors of the booklet evocate the past with nostalgia, but also that butterfly, endlessly naked on a beach.

Texts by Odysseas Simos (GR & EN) - Collages by Charlotte Nieuwenhuys - Translation by Hlektra Simou

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