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'The Loss and The Rest'

@Zoumboulakis Gallery - October 2020

Athens (GR)

'Out of my soul, but in all of my cells' investigates the quest for identity and the loss of spirituality due to the increasing digitalization in contemporary lifestyle. Charlotte's paintings present enigmatic constructions and subtly affected combinations of digital algorithms and architectural floor maps in traditional oil paintings. In the series, she visually confronts Byzantine churches' floorplans, drawn from a book dedicated to Istanbul's heritage, underlining the comparison of our time with the past, and the evolution of spirituality via the scope of religion and art. The series of paintings intuitively evolves towards oneiric abstract 'landscapes' that can be read as mind maps, referring directly to the digital era we are living in. 

Using multiple layers to reveal both different levels of thought and the influences she has as a combination of intuitive experimentation and study.

The title refers to the traces that we need to recollect in order to maintain our connection with our past, and how they became blurry through time. 'Written inside us in all abstraction yet in all our cells. Uncertain foundations of what we were once taught, and what we unwillingly decided to do with it.' 

Text by Georgia Liapis


Oil on canvasses - various dimensions

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