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Collages, acrylic, pastel and pencil on paper - 2017                   

Plaka / Exarchia / Kolonaki / Kypseli'    Serie of 6 x 40x40 cm                                                

Le Musée Imaginaire


In 'Le Musée Imaginaire', André Malraux questions the role of Museums in relation to culture and the way they alter the nature of a piece of art.


Using this selective nature of memory regarding a place, an era or an exhibition, various daily life items and works of art are interchanging roles in order to create “psychic maps of Athens”.


What drives a museum to constant change and how does it assume its role of an interposing Post-modern symptom creating a co-dependent relationship between the art work and the exhibition space? Doesn’t its role as a depository of memory produce the same co-dependency effects?

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